About Talenter Academy

Our institute facilities are designed and equipped to deliver highly successful learning and development outcomes. Our instructors provide a well-balanced training utilising the technology advance learning management system. We make sure all students are getting enough theoretical knowledge, practical session and live project expertise.

Our course delivery is hybrid utilizing the classroom training along with the latest technology-based learning management system (LMS). All students get access to the LMS 24/7 enabling them to learn and practice anytime from anyplace.

We give the opportunity to work on live projects that help you to build your career. Also, we offer experience and training completion certificate to students who complete training on live project.

Talenter Academy is an academic division of Streambubble Solutions Pvt Ltd. Streambubble is investing in developing and providing with formalized education opportunities which shall help in both enhancing knowledge and skills in Digital Marketing. These education interventions are aimed to empower individuals or organisations to think about digital marketing in a more strategic and innovative manner and to understand the larger picture of communication than just the marketing aspect.

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