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New Bing Webmaster Tool Feature – Site Scan

Bing launched a new feature “Site Scan” on the new version of the bing webmaster tool. This new tool scans your web pages and sorts out common SEO issues of your site. This scanning process is realtime. After submitting a site you need to wait sometime for the bing scan report. For digital marketers, this new feature is really helpful to optimize their web pages for the bing search engine.

To access this feature

Bing Webmaster tool -> Switch to new version -> Site Scan

To start a new scan you need to configure scan with scan name, Scope, URL & Number of pages, Also this tool provides some advanced options to set max Scan depth, Crawling speed, ignoring specific URL parameters & robots.txt.

site scan

After configuring the scan, we need to wait for completing the scan. Once it is completed, bing will send an email from with the subject line “Scan status update from Bing Webmaster Team.”

Now you can access the report on the bing webmaster tool. This report contains scan status, number of pages scanned, number of errors, number of warnings, list of issues found, their severity, and the number of pages affected.

site scan result

This report categories issues as Errors, Warnings, and Notices

Errors: These are the most critical issue being noticed while scanning your website. You need to resolve this issue urgently otherwise these issues can impact your website indexability.

Warnings: These are the issues noticed by bing. These issues have medium severity which might impact on your SEO health.

Notices: These are the lowest severity issue or recommendations, Not that much important you need to solve these types of issues after solving major issues ( Errors & Warnings ).

As a view of a digital marketer, Bing’s new feature is really helpful. Fixing these issues will optimize your website for search engine and it also makes your site more user friendly. Using this tool you can improve your website performance on Bing as well as other search engines.