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Rising Retail Categories – New Google Tool -2020

As a search engine, Google keeps growing every second. Even during this pandemic time, they had updated their core algorithm. The last update was on 4th May 2020. Google provides some google tools like market finder, keyword planner, trends, page speed insight, etc to the online marketers for the proper marketing of their services or products. Google tried to improve google tools in every step of their growth.

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Previously we used Google trends for knowing the popularity of keywords in that particular location & time period. By understanding the trending keywords, we can simply push our business or product having that same keyword to that location, which will increase the chance of conversion. Do you think will it be more helpful, if Google tool provides the product categories which people are currently searching for?

Rising Retail Categories

Now Google introduced a new tool called “Rising Retail Categories”,

for digital marketers (especially for an E-commerce marketer). This tool is designed to help the marketers to be updated with the high demand products amid the COVID-19 pandemic. This is the first time, Google has provided this type of insight into the product categories people are currently searching for. Consumer interests are rapidly changing from one month to another. During this COVID time, this tool is very much helpful for a digital marketer especially for an E-commerce marketer to sell the products.

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Professionals and digital marketing agencies said that this data is more helpful for

  • Content Creation: Unique content about rising products has a high chance to rank on Google.
  • Promotion:  Can promote your products to the correct audience at the correct time.
  • Product Designing:  Can design new products according to the demand in the market.

Hope this tool and regularly updated data will help your business during this pandemic time. For proper usage of google tools and result oriented online marketing, you can take our certified digital marketing course it covers all the latest topics and marketing techniques