four new features of youtube studio

4 New Features on YouTube Creator Studio

World’s largest video sharing platform YouTube, announced that it is bringing four new features to the Creator Studio. All these features are specially designed for the creators to improve their videos and moderate their channels. Let’s check about the new features and how it will help the creators.

The new features are :

  • When your viewers are on YouTube
  • Hold inappropriate comments for review
  • Community post scheduling
  • Video Chapters
New features of youtube

When your viewers are on YouTube

when your viewers are on youtube

This is one of the latest features of YouTube rolling out the past month. This is the first time YouTube reveals this type of viewer’s data. This feature helps the creators to know when their viewers are online. This information pinpoints the most active hours of your audience in a week.

For checking your channel’s audience active hours go to

YouTube Creator Studio -> Analytics -> Audience -> When your viewers are on YouTube

YouTube recommends the creators to use this data to determine the best time to publish their videos and broadcast live streams. It will help them to increase their video reach and through that, they can moderate their channel.

Hold inappropriate comments for review

hold inappropriate comments for review

We all know that YouTube allows viewers to share their opinion as a comment. While go through video comments there are lots of good comments, bad comments, and also spam comments. Proper handling of comments and replies are also a factor to improve the channel. Previously Creator Studio provided an optional setting to hold inappropriate comments for review. Now YouTube turned this option into default and this will help the creators to manage their comments and improve conversation quality.

Holding inappropriate comments for review launched 2 years back. Since then, they have been focusing to expand it to 13 more languages and also to improve its accuracy.

Community Post Scheduling

scheduling community posts

This is one of the new features of YouTube as per the request of creators. This feature enables the scheduling option on the community post.

“Community posts are polls, GIFs, text, images, and videos to get more reach on YouTube and good engagement with your audience.”

Now creators can draft their community posts and they can schedule publishing date and time. Scheduling the time after analyzing their audience active hours will increase the reach and engagements of their community posts.

YouTube launched this feature by considering heavily requested feedback of YouTube creators.

Video Chapters

video chapters

With access to the new Video Chapters feature, creators will be able to break down their videos into different chapters so that the viewer can easily jump through.

In order to exploit Video Chapters feature, add timestamps to the video description, and ensure the first video starts at “0:00”. Also, there must be at least three chapters and each chapter must be of 10 seconds or longer.

Proper usage of creator studio features will provide a better experience for viewers and creators can improve their channel performance.Is the new features of YouTube and other social media platforms bothering you, then join our Digital Marketing Course which provides in-depth social media optimization and marketing training.